The Duo

Whether you’ve experienced the joy of a happy threesome before or have not yet had the pleasure, indulge yourself with a duo booking with me and my friend Natasha. There are few greater feelings in this world than having two sublime beauties lavish all their attention and affection on you, watching our bodies intertwine around each other as we lose ourselves in mutual bliss. A duo does take a little extra planning (minxes like ourselves are rarely available in the same place at short notice!), but savouring the sweet anticipation is all part of its delight.


Have you and your partner been imagining a three-way but never taken the leap? Perhaps your wife would like to explore her bisexual urges, or you have been fantasising about bringing a beautiful and adventurous erotic partner into your relationship for one steamy night. Now is the time to try. I will take great pleasure in making your fantasies become a reality for you both and will ensure absolute discretion.

The Dominant GFE

Do you secretly desire a beautiful young woman to take control of you behind closed doors? Give in to my dominant side: a petite yet strict tease with a firm hand and a wicked tongue who will take charge in ways you’ve only dreamed of. Imagine a confident and lovely girl taking your hand and leading you down the erotic path you’ve always fantasised of but never dared to try. I am an intuitive and perceptive dominant and possess a range of kinky accoutrements. Whether you’re new to the world of kink or an old hand, we can craft a unique session perfectly tailored to your desires.